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本文分享的是十分钟宝宝英语故事,故事名叫山坡上有棵小银杏,She stood there with a straight trunk and green leaves like ...


She stood there with a straight trunk and green leaves like butterfly wings, leaping up.


The neighbor of little ginkgo is an old Sophora tree. The old and the young get along very well. They live happily. But one day, a magpie passed by and ended their peaceful life.


On this day, the magpie flying from afar passed by little ginkgo, and was attracted by her beauty. She flew around the little gingko twice, and asked the old locust about the little tree she didn't know.


Old locust tree, old locust tree, what's the name of this little tree? I dare say that she is the most imposing little tree I have ever seen.


Her name is ginkgo. No wonder you don't know her. She is a rare tree!


Oh, really? Magpie can't help but feel happy. Today, she is worried about what news to spread to everyone. Isn't this rare little ginkgo a top important discovery? She was anxious to publicize little ginkgo, so she said goodbye to old huailing and flew away happily.


The next day, the small hillside suddenly became lively.


Early in the morning, the cuckoo came. Like the most authoritative comment, he looked up and down the little gingko and chirped it open: amazing! amazing! If there's a tree Grand Prix, I'm sure this little ginkgo will be the first.


It seems that little ginkgo has already won the first prize in the tree Grand Prix. In a hurry, Dujuan Wu finds a wooden card, on which Gonggong writes the word "the world's first tree", and is about to hang it. Old locust tree busy stop way: don't rely on! Don't hang up! Little ginkgo is tender, which will crush her.

好像小银杏已经在树的大奖赛中得了第一似的,性急杜鹃乌找来一块木牌,工工整整地在上面写了天下第树几个字,就要往小银杏身上挂。 老槐树忙阻止道:别拄!别挂! 小银杏身子嫩,这会压坏她的。


It's OK, granddad Sophora tree. Let him hang up! Little gingko never dreamed that she would have such a reputation as the first tree in the world. Let alone how happy she was.


After a while, the Trojan horse came. With his long mouth, he knocked on the little Ginkgo biloba and said, what a strong tree! I guarantee in the name of a doctor that she will live at least 10000 years.


Peck wood black also can't wait to recruit small silver, hanging a sign that says ten thousand years tree.


Enthusiastic visitors come in endless stream. They use the most beautiful language in the world, praise little ginkgo, and try to put a sign on her.


The old locust tree was watching silently


Magpie is very proud. She thinks it's her magpie's credit that she successfully introduced little ginkgo to everyone and made it famous overnight. At this moment, she didn't want to ruin everyone's interest because of the silence of the old locust tree.


Old locust tree, little ginkgo is famous, aren't you happy?


The old tree sighed softly, and the tone was full of sadness: you shouldn't flatter little ginkgo, it's harmful to her. Besides, she is still young. Who can know if she will be successful in the future?


When it comes to the future of Ginkgo biloba, the touts seem to have become the most intelligent predictors. They all agree that Ginkgo biloba will be outstanding in the future. As a result, the signs that herald the bright future of small ginkgo are all over the body of small ginkgo.

说到小银杏的将来,吹捧者们似乎又都成了最聪明的预言家,他们异口同声,一致预见小银杏的将来也将是出类拔萃的。 于是,预示小银杏光辉未来的牌子又横七竖八地挂满了小银杏的一身。

Magpie is really good at it. She makes the little gingko so popular that even the famous parrot, the green poet, is moved. She comes all the way to see this tree.


The parrot saw the little gingko. But he couldn't see what she was like. Because there are too many signs on her body, which cover her appearance. Parrot does not care about these, he thought just look at the sign on her body to understand her. He nodded wildly as he watched. When you look at it, you have the inspiration to write poetry. Like the greatest poets, he held his head high and spoke twice loud. Gorgeous verses rolled out of his mouth like beads:

鹦鹉见到了小银杏。但是,他已看不清她到底是什么样儿了。因为她身上挂的牌子太多,遮盖了她来的样子。鹦鹉却不在乎这些,他以为只要看看她身上的牌子便以了解她了。他一边看,一边胡乱地点头。看着看着,便有了作诗的灵感。他像那些最伟大的诗人那样,昂头挺胸,非常响亮地连啊两声。 华丽的诗句宛如珠子一般从他嘴里滚出来:

Ah, ah!


Good beautiful good lovely little ginkgo!

好美丽好漂亮好可爱的小银杏 ! ! !

I want to praise you loudly!


You are a wonderful poem!


You are the angel of green!


You are the pride of the tree!


Parrot's poem received a burst of warm applause. He was even more interested and said in a loud voice: I will engrave this ode on little ginkgo.


Good! There was another burst of more enthusiastic cheers.


The sharp tip of the knife is rowing on the delicate body of little ginkgo. Little gingko trembled and shed painful tears.


The sharp blade is carved on the heart of the old locust tree. The heart of the old locust tree is crying: poor child, how many sins have you suffered!


In a few days, little ginkgo was tossed out of shape. Many of her branches were bent by the brand, and some were broken. Originally a dense meal, layers of green leaves also fell off. Now the little gingko has lost her old style. She is like an old woman who is sick and has been brought up. She moans all the time.


See small ginkgo this pair of lifeless appearance, the heart of old Sophora how uncomfortable ah! He said to xiaoyinhan more than once: take off your brand, kid, and get rid of those vain things! You just need sunshine and rain.


no Little gingko said feebly that without these brands, who would know that I am an extraordinary tree( Fairy tale bar: www.tonghuaba.cn/ Please keep the reprint!)


You need to know that if you continue to let these annoying brands press on you, you will never grow tall without sunlight and rain.


However, did you not hear Otsuka's heresy that any tree will grow into a ginseng tree?


On a stormy night, little ginkgo's thin body swayed in the wind and rain.


I'm dying! I'm dying!


Little ginkgo is crying in despair, how she wants to live! It's the day now. She is dreaming of a golden autumn. She is so tall, touching the blue sky and kissing the white clouds. Her golden leaves are like dancing butterflies. At her feet, there are yellow fruits rolling all over the ground. A group of singing girls are picking up beside her


Little ginkgo fell down. She died in a beautiful dream.


The wind is still blowing; It's still raining. In the wind and rain, there is also the sigh of the old locust tree: the little ginkgo that will not die


The next day, it was sunny.


On the hillside, there is a small dead ginkgo, whose dry body is covered with praise signs.