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本文分享的是五分钟孩子英语小故事,故事名叫爸爸,对不起,People on TV can walk and talk, and little stupid bear is ve...


People on TV can walk and talk, and little stupid bear is very curious. That day, his parents were out, and little stupid bear was bored at home. He looked left and right at the TV, and put his ears on the TV. He just wondered: are there really all kinds of people in the TV? He wiped his nose with his hand and made a hum. I'll see.


Little stupid bear found his father's usual tools for repairing things: a screwdriver, a hammer, etc., and knocked on the TV. Hehe, it didn't take long for the TV set to be broken into pieces, but there was no one inside except the black parts. Eh, where are the people? Where are the people? Little stupid Bear looked everywhere but couldn't find it. Looking at the disassembled TV and the scattered parts, he wanted to install them, but he couldn't do it well. He was so anxious that he was sweating.


In the evening, when my parents came home, they just opened the door and saw that the house was in a mess. It seemed that they had been robbed. Look at the little stupid bear lying on the ground snoring, Dad that gas not to play a place, raised his legs on the little stupid bear's butt severely kicked twice. Little stupid bear was hurt, opened his eyes and looked at his father, just like a stranger. This is the first time that little bear's father has kicked him, and he kicked him so hard. Little stupid bear stared at his father and muttered: I just want to see if there is someone on TV. What's the big deal. He got up from the ground and went back to his room, slamming the door.


Little stupid bear couldn't understand why his father was so angry. Since then, he didn't want to look him in the eye and didn't say a word.


That day, little stupid bear came back from school, his father asked: I heard that you had a test today, how was your test? Little stupid bear also bet on his father's air, coldly replied: more than 70 points. Dad was furious and raised his hand to hit the little stupid bear. He scolded, "Why are you so stupid? You'll lose your face if you score so much in the exam.".


Little stupid Bear looked at his father's high hand and said with indifference: you fight, you only have the ability to fight, which is much worse than my test!


You, you, why don't you learn well, compare with those poor ones, I'm really angry. Dad was so angry that his teeth rattled and a loud slap fell on the bear's face. Little bear ran into his room with tears in his eyes. Lying on the bed, pulling the quilt, hiding in the quilt and crying all the time, my father doesn't love me at all. What's the meaning of being in this family. Crying and crying, I fell asleep.


This day, Father Bear saw an article, which said that children are curious and have the desire to explore what they don't know. At this time, parents should protect their children's curiosity, otherwise rough beating and scolding may destroy an inventor. Seeing such an article, Father Bear was surprised and muttered: am I so cruel to my child that he ignored me, but I'm also good for him! Later, the teacher told father bear that now little stupid bear is always silent in the class. How could a lively child suddenly become like this, and his eyes are often dull.


Father Xiong was very worried and began to reflect on his education methods. He felt that he was really rude, but he was too embarrassed to say it to his son. So he wrote a note. Sorry, baby, Dad wronged you. Please forgive dad.


That day, little stupid bear came home to see the note on the table. He thought that there was something wrong with him, so he wrote a letter. Dad, I'm sorry, I didn't do it well, which made you angry. I will do it well in the future. Since then, little bear began to study happily, and soon became lively and cheerful again.


Enlightenment from the story: parents can't treat their children rudely without asking. Parents should apologize to their children even if they are wrong. Only in this way can they educate their children well.


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