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本文分享的是二年级幼儿英语小故事,故事名叫魔幻增高鞋,Wan'er is not a tall girl. Girls of the same age have alread...


Wan'er is not a tall girl. Girls of the same age have already jumped out of the old high, but Wan'er's height is still in place. Mom and Dad take Wan'er to see a doctor. The doctor said regretfully: what Wan'er got was a rare bone disease, and her height was no longer possible.


From then on, the original silence of Wan'er was even less. She and her good friend a Qiu are becoming more and more distant. Wan'er clearly remembers that ah Qiu once said with a smile that she was like a short wax gourd. Although it's just a joke, Wan'er can't forget it.


Wan'er always goes shopping alone when there are least people, so that she can avoid the strange eyes of others. That night, Wan'er opened the window and turned out like a civet.


At the crossroads, there is a shop that is still open. Wan'er is very curious. When she came to the shop, she was stunned. There are five big words with glittering gold on the top of the shop.


Magic shoes? Wan'er can't help but read it out. She trembles in her heart. It seems that a force pushes her to the store.


Welcome! In the shop rang out an ethereal female voice with strange, I am the intelligent robot No. 9 and a half. Welcome to magic shoes store!


Jia Wan'er, the No.9 semi-a robot, asks curiously, what's the effect of your high-rise shoes?


No. 9 and a half confidently replied: our heightening shoes can heighten at will according to the owner's wishes.


Wan'er feels incredible. Is it expensive?


No money, nine and a half said with a smile. As long as you mortgage your favorite items in the store, you can exchange them for a pair of magic shoes.


So, Wan'er takes out her favorite things and can't wait to put on the shoes she exchanged.


Miracle happened! I saw Wan'er's body rising rapidly. She was so overjoyed that she rushed out of the store like the wind. She didn't hear the anxious voice of No. 9: wait a minute


Since then, Wan'er's life has changed dramatically.


A month later, she won the second place in the city children's model contest. For a time, Wan'er became the first red man on campus.


That day after school, ah Qiu stopped Wan'er and said to her warmly: Wan'er, tomorrow is the weekend. Let's go shopping together.


Wan'er looks at ah Qiu's stature, which is half of her height. Suddenly, a feeling of revenge rippled in my heart. She sneered: who wants to play with you? Short white gourd!


Ah Qiu was stunned and watched Waner walk away without looking back.


However, strange things happened very quickly. When she got up the next day, Wan'er was surprised to find that she had returned to her former height. Her heart seemed to be emptied. At midnight, she went to the ninth and a half to discuss.


Once you laugh at others, the magic of magic shoes will be invalid. Explained nine and a half.


Why didn't you say that earlier? Wan'er looks shocked.


That day, I just said wait a minute, and you ran out excitedly. The voice of No. 9 and a half sounded a little aggrieved.


But before No. 9 and a half finished, Wan'er left with her invalid high shoes in her arms.


Since then, Wan'er has changed back to that unknown Wan'er.


One day, ah Qiu brought a box.


What could it be? Wan'er takes out the present inside. Suddenly, she froze, two tears slowly out of her eyes. She put the present gently into her pocket.


At midnight, Wan'er slipped out with the pair of high shoes in her arms.


You finally picked it. The ninth and a half recognized Wan'er. Regarding the invalidation of heightening shoes, the ninth and a half explained that as long as customers are willing to transfer the mortgaged goods to us permanently, magic heightening shoes will regain its magic power!


Unexpectedly, Wan'er just said with a smile: what if I want to return it? Then we respect your wishes. Nine and a half.


Wan'er slowly steps forward, picks up the most beloved thing as the mortgage, and takes out a Qiu's gift from her pocket, and spreads it side by side in the palm of her hand.


Those are as like as two peas of two white hearts, with three identical words in the beautiful font.


good friend!