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本文分享的是小孩中英双语故事30字,故事名叫爱哭的宝贝,Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to cry. ...


Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to cry. Her name was baby. She is lovely and lively when she doesn't cry. But as long as she does not like things, she will cry, how to coax all coax not good, friends do not like her.


When it comes to school age, mom and dad will send her to school. Mother was afraid of her crying, coaxed her to say: there are many fun in school, but also can make friends. She asked curiously: really? Mother nodded, baby happily agreed to go to school.


After coming to school, baby found that the teacher in the school was very serious, not allowed this, not allowed that, she felt very stuffy. Baby doesn't like to be constrained, and even doesn't like to listen to the teacher. When the teacher asked her questions, she couldn't answer them. The teacher was very angry and said baby was stupid. The students all laughed at her. She couldn't help crying. The crying teacher couldn't attend class. The crying students covered their ears. The teacher threw her out of the classroom in a rage.


She ran out of the school crying, crying while walking on the road, suddenly the baby saw a drop of bright tears rolling down from her body, fell on the ground, turned into a transparent ball, this big ball is crystal clear, still shining in the sun. Baby did not cry, she sat on the grass, put the ball in her eyes to see the sun, the trees, the tall buildings and the cars passing by quickly. Through the big ball to see the scenery is very beautiful, looking at her really want to be able to enter the ball in the much better.


Thinking about her, she found that the grass around her became a big tree, the ant became a huge monster, and the big ball became bigger and bigger. It's not that they're changing, it's that her body is shrinking. In front of her baby, the big ball turned into a beautiful palace, and she went in curiously.


In this palace lived a king who had a very willful daughter named mesa. She likes to watch others shed tears most. She catches many children who love to shed tears and laughs happily when she sees them crying every day. As soon as baby stepped into the big ball, he was caught by the soldiers on patrol, because they saw tears on baby's face. They caught the baby in the princess's bedroom. The baby was so scared that she cried. The princess didn't see anyone crying like this for a long time. She was so excited and yelled. Baby see her crazy look, for a moment forgot to cry, Meisha very angry, let her cry. It's strange that the baby can't cry at this time.


It's not funny. Meisha pouts angrily.


When the king saw that his daughter was not happy, he quickly brought a lot of toys to make her happy, but willful Meisha threw these toys on the ground far away.


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At last the king saw the baby who didn't cry and said, "don't you like crying very much? Now I hire you to cry. As long as you can cry, I will give you whatever you want. Said the king, almost imploring.


Baby tried to blink, but she still couldn't cry. I wonder what's going on?


Your majesty, why don't we use tear gas. A soldier whispered in the king's ear.


Huh? Yeah, it's fun to use tear gas! significant! The king kept nodding.


At this time, the soldiers brought a very delicate small water gun. They shot directly at the baby's eyes. The baby felt a stream of water hitting his eyes, and his eyes became sore instantly. Tears could not help but flow down, the princess saw baby tears, and happy smile.


But after a while, the tear gas failed, and the baby stopped crying. The princess was even more angry. The king had no choice but to tell the ministers how to find more people to cry for the princess.


Your majesty, why don't we publish in newspapers all over the world looking for someone to cry for


The king said impatiently: it's too slow. Can't you wait for a moment without seeing the princess?


Yes! Your majesty, if you don't hold the national crying skills Grand Prix immediately. The king felt that the prime minister's words were reasonable. He stood up, waved his hand and announced in a loud voice:


Ladies and gentlemen, in order to make the princess happy, I have decided to hold the national crying skills competition now, and the winner will be rewarded with a lot of money.


A king's word is a decree. The ministers acted immediately and immediately began to prepare for the crying competition presided over by the king himself.


The leaflets from the palace flew into people's hands like snow flakes, and people began to talk and say: cry? It's strange that the king can still play. There are still a lot of people competing for money.


The contestants gathered in the palace and began to howl at the king's command. Because of the large number of participants, they cried together and left more and more tears, which caused the flood and soon submerged the palace in the big ball. Baby was tears rushed out of the ball, screamed and fell on the grass. Then she found that she was back to her original size. She was completely drowned in tears in the big ball on the ground. The king and the princess were struggling in tears.


Baby thought, crying is really terrible, I will not cry in the future. She did not go home, but ran back to the teacher to admit her mistake, the teacher was very happy to forgive her.


Since then, baby no longer cry, and smile to everyone, soon she called a lot of good friends in school.