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本文分享的是初二宝宝中英双语故事,故事名叫兔子的爱心伞,one 一The rain outside gradually lightened, and the sound bec...



The rain outside gradually lightened, and the sound became more and more clear. The rabbit in the hut listened to the beautiful symphony, looked at the warm and soft sunshine outside the window, then pushed the door open and came out.


The forest is filled with a fragrant and sweet taste, the flowers washed by the heavy rain are particularly brilliant. The little rabbit breathed the fresh air and looked at the lush grass. Why? How many colorful highlights?


Driven by curiosity, the little rabbit came up to have a look. Wow, what a bright mushroom! Red with white, yellow with blue, see the rabbit dazzled, dizzying.


What beautiful mushrooms! Take some back! Little rabbit thought, picked the four most beautiful. It said to itself: home cooked to eat, must be very delicious!


As soon as he got home, the little rabbit couldn't wait to set up the pot, light a fire, and the water boiled, waiting to put the mushrooms in. That brown soup floating white vegetables, red radish, fragrance, the house full of fragrance. The little rabbit rubbed his hands and smacked his mouth, and his saliva would flow to the ground.


Ding Dong! Suddenly, the mushroom in the rabbit's hand was shaken off. What a wet blanket! The little rabbit muttered. He had to put down the mushroom and reluctantly opened the door.



Yo! It's brother cat! welcome! Did you make a lot of money by investing in big forest?


There was not a trace of joy on the cat's face. He said slowly and dejectedly, "I've lost money.". Then he began to cry, tears and rain. The little rabbit found that the cat was drenched in the rain and became a soup cat. He patted the cat on the shoulder and said: it's OK! I have a brother to carry it for you!


The cat raised his head heavily and looked around. Suddenly, his eyes were attracted by the colorful mushroom on the ground.


This move was noticed by the little rabbit. It took the mushroom over, looked at the rain on the cat and said: if you don't mind, I'll give it to you! The little rabbit raised the mushroom. Look, it can be used as an umbrella!


The cat looked at the mushroom, thought for a moment, and suddenly became very excited.



There are business opportunities! This mushroom has business opportunities. It's a big business opportunity! If you sell it as an umbrella, many people will definitely buy it!


The little rabbit was stunned for a long time, not because the mushroom has so many advantages, but because it doesn't know what business opportunity really means?


Cat brother had to patiently explain again: business opportunities, as the name suggests, are business opportunities. When many people need it, people will come to buy it


Little rabbit didn't hear anything clearly, it just heard faintly: many people need it


The animals need it very much, thought the little rabbit. After the cat left, he thought, since the animals need it, let me bring these umbrellas to the animals!



It's rainy in spring, one after another. Look, after a while, the sky is covered with dark clouds. The little rabbit looks at the mushrooms on the table. Then, today I'll give these umbrellas to the animals!


The little rabbit came to the clearing in the forest with an umbrella.


The rain is getting heavier and heavier. When it hits the ground, branches, flowers and umbrellas, all kinds of sounds become one, just like a wonderful symphony.


In the distance, a figure flashed and came running. Close to a look, is the goat grandfather ah! The rabbit looked at the goat's grandfather. He was all wet, and the water trickled down from his hair. His old face was even weaker.


The little rabbit quickly came forward, helped the old man and asked with concern: are you all right! Said, it handed the umbrella, prop up this umbrella!


Grandfather goat was a little surprised, but he soon took the umbrella and held it up. The rain hit the mushroom and made a nice sound.


The old goat hugged the rabbit excitedly. Thank you very much, rabbit. What do you want in return?


oh Is it paid? Little rabbit has never thought of this kind of problem, it has always been helpful, never need to pay. But it seems that there are not many mushrooms. Without mushrooms, how can we help other small animals in the future!


Then, you can help me to pick some mushrooms! Said the little rabbit. After the rain, there are many mushrooms in the forest, colorful and eye-catching. After a while, the goat grandfather picked a basket full of mushrooms and gave them to the rabbit happily.



Before long, dark clouds came to the forest again, and it began to rain in the forest again. The rabbit is going to deliver the umbrella again.


It came to the open space in the forest again. This time, the rain was fierce. The water of the river had already risen over the embankment. The forest was full of the sound of rain. It was a vast white scene and could not see the edge.


It rained more and more, and the water overflowed both banks. Thunder and lightning from the sky also came to help. Looking at the growing rain, do you want to go back?


No, the animals need me. The little rabbit firmly thought that if the animals didn't have umbrellas in such a big rain, they would definitely catch a cold.


Suddenly, the rabbit's sensitive ears caught a strange sound. If true, within a minute, it saw a fuzzy figure, the rabbit quickly met up.


Originally, the dog to play in the mountains, under the heavy rain. The dog was sneezing while running. It was shivering with cold. Its whole body was wet and swelled into a sponge, as if it could squeeze out a glass of water.


The little rabbit quickly handed the umbrella to it. Hold it up quickly. It must be frozen! Thank you, sneeze! How should I sneeze! How can I repay you? Then you can help me to pick some mushrooms! Said the little rabbit.


The little rabbit had been sending the dog home, and then hurried back to his home. He could not help but feel a hot forehead, soft legs, and then fainted



When the rabbit woke up, it found a large group of animals standing around, everyone eagerly looked at it, doctor Ma took its pulse, said: it's OK, you can rest assured! Everyone was relieved at last, and the stone in their heart finally fell to the ground.


Seeing the little rabbit wake up, everyone asked him with concern: how is it? Are you ready? Are you comfortable?


At this time, it found that the dog in the side secretly tears, the dog came forward, bowed deeply, said: Thank you! The dog's mother carefully poured a cup of tea for the rabbit.


The father of the dog said to everyone: thanks to the little rabbit, the dog has not been hurt more. However, the little rabbit is ill. It is our model of helping others and our model of learning!


Everyone presented a bunch of flowers for the rabbit, and the goat grandfather held his hand tightly and blessed him, saying: good boy, you will be better!


Looking at this scene, the little rabbit can not help crying, it secretly decided: in the future, we will continue to serve!