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本文分享的是小朋友英语小故事30字,故事名叫妈妈变成懒考拉,Get up for me, the witch mother's angry voice made the roof ...


Get up for me, the witch mother's angry voice made the roof tremble a few times. With the sound of the quilt falling to the ground, I turned over and arched towards my father's arms.


Hi, you're all bad role models for children! With a crash, father wizard's quilt was thrown into the air by his mother. I raised my eyelids and saw my mother wearing a Pooh apron and the right hand spoon waving in the air. I put my little body into my father's arms.


How happy the sun is, how warm the big bed is, how wordy my mother is. Mom's changing into koala, no worries! Dad jumped out of bed, hung up his guitar and began to sing. I nodded and stamped beside him. This is the bed song created by my father and I last night, protesting the abominable behavior of mother not letting us sleep and lying in! After singing, my father threw the guitar, I went to my father's arms and fell asleep again.


You two want to kill me, don't you? With a puff, my mother's voice disappeared. I drilled into my father's arms and snored.


The moon and stars quietly fell asleep in the arms of the sky. I'm so hungry. I knead my belly and want to find something to eat.


Why? I stepped on something under my foot. It's soft. Mom, it's a koala that sucks its fingers and sleeps sweetly. It's wearing a Pooh apron around its neck. This koala is mom!


I wake up my father in a hurry. My father rubs his eyes three times and pinches his mouth three times to make sure that he is not a dreamer, ah! He began to hold his cheek in a daze.



No way, I can only find out when I was three months old crib, the mother to the inside, gently to the mother covered with a hairy quilt.


In fact, it's not bad for mom to become a koala. Koala has to sleep 20 hours a day, so no one will croak when we sleep in. Dad said cautiously and tentatively.


I raise my hands high, not only can stay in bed, but also can not brush teeth, do not take a bath, hang smelly socks on the head of the bed! My father and I ran to the refrigerator at the same time, drank some milk, ate some bread, and held each other to sleep.


After three days and nights of greeting, the moon and the sun, my father and I looked at the empty refrigerator. Dad, I'm so hungry. I want to eat fried eggs. I looked at my father with tears in my eyes.


My father and I came to my mother's crib. My father begged pitifully, "son, we're hungry. Let's fry a poached egg."!


Who knows, the koala mother in father's arms was not moved, forced to suck her fingers, turned over and went to sleep.


My father gave me a wink, I understood, shaking the koala, my mother cried: Mom, I'm so hungry, I won't grow tall if I don't eat!


Koala mother originally covered her ears and didn't listen to my cry. After a while, she couldn't help but opened her sleepy eyes. She yawned and said, clean up the house. Fry me a poached egg.


Dad scratched his head in embarrassment. I pulled the corner of dad's coat and whispered in his ear. Half an hour later, we packed the room full of dirty clothes under the bed and in the wardrobe.


Son of a mother, this is my fifth fried egg, hands are blistering. Dad's eyes timely squeeze out a few tears.


Mother looked at the dark fried eggs, sighed, puffed, koala mother changed back( Fairy tale bar: www.tonghuaba.cn/ Please keep the reprint!)


That night, my mother made a big table for my father and me, including Fried Bun, braised spareribs, garlic eggplant, which was enough for my father and me to hibernate for a long time.


The next morning, mother's scream cut the roof again.


My mother's footsteps are getting closer and closer, and I know that she is going to furiously lift off my father's quilt and me again. But we're not afraid this time.


God, how did you become a koala with your son?!


Why not become a koala? No need to eat, no need to take a bath, as long as the beautiful sleep can be, mother can be really smart. Who came up with the idea of becoming a koala? Of course, I'm a smart little wizard.