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本文分享的是十分钟儿童中英双语故事,故事名叫青草池塘畔的故事,Both snail and snail have a nice shell. Snails in the garden...


Both snail and snail have a nice shell. Snails in the garden, snails in the pond, so many other animals praise.


One day, snail and snail met on the grass on the Bank of the pond. Before that, they did not know each other; He was introduced to a little frog, a prominent frog in a green coat. He was the postman between the grass and the pond in the garden.


Miss snail! How do you do!.


The little frog jumped into the pond from the grass to greet the snail. The pond is very shallow. Snails often go to the rocks on the bank to breathe air. Except after several heavy rains, when there is water on the grass, I seldom walk to the shore.


Mr. postman, cried Miss snail happily, do I have a letter? There is no letter from you today. But I have good news for you.


Ah, what's the news?


Not far from the pond, many crabapple flowers are planted. There is a snail's home. Ah, you are all good-looking. It seems that you are good enough to be friends. They also have a thick glass like shell, so I'd like to introduce him to you. Do you agree? Ah, well, I agree! But have you made an appointment with them? Where shall we meet?


I told them. The respectable snail is very happy after listening to me. When I come here, I want to express my yearning to you first.


Miss snail looked at him warmly and said: but can they come here? Where shall we meet?


I think it will make you happy. You like your good friend very much. I made an appointment with them to introduce you to each other on the grass. The little frog said with a smile and swam happily.


However, it hasn't rained these days. I expect that the grass is so dry that I can't walk on it.


It will rain in two days. The little frog has a lot of knowledge about weather. The snail is too old to come. She has a very good-looking child, little snail will come.


Miss Tian Luo said and counted the days. Oh, how nice! Two more days?


Little snail has been in the fourth grade. He can sing and write letters. The little frog said again and swam away. He was busy delivering the letter.


After two days, it rained. The light rain was tinkling on the leaves and grass in the garden; Little rain dot hit the pond, opened a flower of bubbles, and aroused beautiful little whirlpools.


it's raining! Said Miss snail happily.


Although the water in the pond didn't rise much, the stones piled around it were very slippery, which made Miss Tian Luo walk, so she went to the grass.


Soon, the little frog and the little snail came.


Miss snail, you have come first! He is the little snail! Said the little frog.


Miss snail! My mother allowed me to come here. He said, you and I can make good friends. The little snail cocked up the two beautiful antennae and spoke politely.


Ah, good! Said Miss snail shyly.


By the way, now you know each other. Little frog said, but now I have to leave you. Today there are many express letters that I want to send.


Then he jumped away. http://www.tonghuaba.cn/


Miss snail, said the little snail. The little frog has sent the letter. Let's have a talk!


As a result, the two of them seemed very intimate. It seems that we have known each other for a long time. They sat very close: Miss Tian Luo was sitting in the pool of water in that small depression, and the little snail was standing on a grass leaf nearby, with two beautiful antennae cocked up.


Little snail, I heard that you are in the fourth grade of primary school. Miss Tianluo said enviously. I also heard little frog, the postman, say that you can write letters and sing songs.


By the way, my mother taught me to sing. Our family is a family school. My mother is a female teacher. Sometimes, Nightingale comes to teach us to sing. She comes from a far away sky. It's said that he is a very famous singer.


Oh, I expect, in the Begonia flowers you live in, you must be very happy, there must be a lot of friends.


Miss snail, we feel very happy. You're right. That little earthworm, afraid of the sun, is our close neighbor. Miss snail, have you ever seen ants move?


Miss Tian Luo thought for a moment and replied, "I haven't seen them. How did they move?"?


Ah, that's very interesting. Ma Yi's family, there are so many! As soon as they moved, everyone in their family carried something and gathered a long team to pass by our door; Sometimes, walking for a long time does not stop. Once, I stood at the door to watch, straight to see that at night, it was dark, I went to bed, to the next morning, their team, also continue to pass


Well, what a long line!


However, Miss Tian Luo, I think there must be some interesting things in the pond where you live.


Our pond, it is a quiet place: and we often meet friends, is a small crucian carp and crabs. Little crucian carp is a good girl that everyone respects. She can blow beautiful bubbles and tell stories. Crab is very naughty, he will use his big feet to clip us, but this is not a common prank, we are very happy!


That's good. Besides, is there anything else interesting?


Let me see. Oh, I remember, Miss Tian Luo said happily: there is also a little girl who often brings a small paper boat to our pond to play after school. How beautiful the paper boat is; But she's better looking, with two braids. Do you know her?


Ah, I know her. She can also play the ball. That ball is a smart guy. When it jumps up, it always winks at me!


Not really. She can also sing, singing happy songs. As soon as I heard her singing, I climbed up to the water and wanted to kiss her!


I like her singing, too. From her singing, I can tell how happy and nice she is!


by the way!


When we ask the postman frog to introduce us and get to know her is a good thing. Do you agree?


I think so too!


I think, when the little frog delivers the letter to my home tomorrow, he should say good things to him. Miss snail! I feel very happy today! Now I'm going back.


I feel very happy, too. Goodbye!


So: Miss Tian Luo immediately climbed to the pond along the slippery and wet stone. When the little snail climbed back to his home in the crabapple bush, his mother had been looking around at the door for a long time. She was very worried, but as soon as she saw the happy little snail's face and the two tentacles were up happily, she immediately felt relieved.


Mom, I talk with Miss snail. She is a lively and intelligent friend! Little snail told his mother from a long distance.