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本文分享的是二年级宝宝英语故事,故事名叫虎王的仁义与逆行,A young female tiger, with her strong physique and excellent...


A young female tiger, with her strong physique and excellent hunting skills, was selected as a new generation of overlord by beasts, and recommended Jianzui fox as her prime minister.


Jianzui fox is worthy of being an old fox. He has many bad ideas. After a few days in office, he picked up his tail and gave advice to the tiger king, saying: Lord, you are no longer an ordinary tiger who used to pull a single gang and rely on brutality. Now you are the king of the forest. You can't govern the forest country by force alone. Haven't you heard of Xiang Yu in the Chu and Han Dynasties? Although Liu Bang's killing skills are the best in the world, it is Liu Bang who wins the world. Why? Why? The tiger king was puzzled.



Benevolence and righteousness! Said the fox, shaking its head. Although the tiger king had no words in his mind, he still felt that Prime Minister Hu's high opinion was no less than Yi Yin of Shang Dynasty and Guan Zhong of Qi Dynasty. I'm glad that I've chosen the right virtuous minister. I praise Jianzui Fox for his talent of Wang Zuo, and encourage him to work hard with me! Gladly accepted the fox prime minister's advice. Tiger king's benevolence and righteousness spread throughout the forest. Where she went, there was a harmonious atmosphere. A few naughty monkeys even dared to jump to touch tiger whiskers.

仁义天下! 尖嘴狐摇头晃脑地说。虎王虽胸无点墨,仍觉得狐丞相的这番高论不啻于商之伊尹,齐之管仲。庆幸自己选对贤臣,当面夸赞尖嘴狐有王佐之才,并鼓励他跟自己好好干!欣然接受了狐丞相的进谏。虎王实施仁义治国,迅速传遍了整个森林,她走到哪里,哪里一片和谐之气,几只淘气的小猴子甚至敢跳到跟前摸虎须。

Since the implementation of the new policy, the tiger king has been a vegetarian. One day, a hare ran past him and aroused the tiger king's greedy insects. She just wanted to catch and eat them. The fox Prime Minister immediately advised: King, no way! Rabbit is famous for its loveliness. If you eat it, people will say you are a tyrant!, The tiger king had to give up. Another day, a giant panda came to him. The tiger king couldn't help but want to catch it. The fox Prime Minister immediately advised him: King, don't do it. If you eat the national treasure, people in the world will surely scold you as a pathless and stupid king! In this way, for half a year, tiger king didn't touch any meat star for her benevolence and righteousness. Because the forest was not suitable for rice, wheat and other crops, tiger king had to pick wild fruits to satisfy his hunger. In winter, he simply ate bark and grass roots.


Because of the lack of nutrition, the Tiger King became skinny and helpless. What was worse than her was the little tiger cub who was just born. Because of the lack of nutrition, she could not even stand up. She really did not have the energy to manage the state affairs and gave full power to the fox prime minister. When the fox Prime Minister saw that the time was ripe, he showed his tail and pretended to be a tiger, pretending to be a public servant for personal gain All the pheasants and rabbits that the black bear paid tribute to us are for our own enjoyment. They are fat and rich. Seeing that the tiger king lost all his power, no one took him seriously, and gradually alienated her. He took the initiative to make friends with the fox prime minister. There was a mess in the forest, and the Tiger King became the king of fame. He was in a difficult situation and was dying of hunger. He thought that her benevolence would make the people sing praises and put her name in the forest history forever, but she was wrong! The beasts cast scornful eyes, deeply stabbing the tiger king's heart, perhaps because of close relatives. Only the wild cat spoke a little conscience, came to the tiger king and said: King, you were cheated by the sharp billed fox. Your benevolence and righteousness are good in the world, but it violates the survival law of the animal kingdom www.tonghuaba.cn/ Please keep the reprint!)

由于营养跟不上,一番折腾,虎王瘦成皮包骨,体无缚鸡之力,比她更惨的是刚出生不久的小虎崽,由于缺乏营养,连站都站不起来了,她实在没有精力再管国事,全权交给狐丞相,而狐丞相一看时机成熟,露出了尾巴,狐假虎威,假公济私,把大灰狼、黑狗熊进贡的野鸡野兔等,全留给自己享用,吃得肥头大耳,富可敌国。百兽眼见虎王的威力尽失,没人拿虎王当回事了,渐渐疏远了她,主动结交狐丞相,森林里乱了套,虎王成了挂名之王,处境举步维艰,饿得奄奄一息,原以为她的仁义会让子民们歌功颂德, 将自己的名字永载森林史册,但她错了!百兽们投来不屑的目光,深深刺痛了虎王的心,或许是近亲的缘故,只有野猫还讲点良心,凑到虎王跟前说:大王,你让尖嘴狐给骗了,你的仁义天下好是好,但违背了动物王国的生存规律(童话吧:www.tonghuaba.cn/转载请保留!)

Tiger king wakes up in a dream. In order to survive, she forgets benevolence, righteousness and rules, and goes against the rules. She can't take care of the thousand year old saying that tigers don't eat children in the tiger family. She eats the poor relatives around her and barely saves her life. Next, she catches some small animals to supplement the camp and recover her strength as soon as possible.


Later, it is said that an animal saw the tiger king belching out of the fox prime minister's house one night. Since then, the sharp billed fox has disappeared, and the forest kingdom has returned to normal order, because there is a mature king.